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Based in Ningbo of China, Ningbo Noryer Development Co., Ltd

is specialized in devoting to portable LED lighting ,outdoor LED lighting, portable

fans and home desk portable electrical items.


With an enthusiastic management team, a strong engineering background

and quality control systems, NORYER is organized with more 200 workers

and 10,000 sqm of production space, we well equipped to leverage the

material supply-chain & available resources throughout China. Dramatic

growth was achieved based on continual process improvement and

product innovation.


NORYER now provides a wide range of portable LED lighting, outdoor

LED lighting , portable fans and home desk portable electrical products

to the world, and is gradually becoming one of the leading Asian suppliers.


Focusing on practical, high-quality portable LED lighting , outdoor

LED lighting, portable fans and home desk portable electrical products

the strategy of NORYER is to maximize bright power, while striving

for product excellence. Our research and development effort for

the perfect lighting products is never ending.


NORYER has an international reputation for the quality and innovation,

and have high experienced and qualified persons for developing and

promoting the sale in the market.


Creative Design

NORYER is able to take a concept sketched on a bar

napkin and quickly develop it into a product that

satisfies international testing requirement.

We use our experience to provide concept and

design input, engineering drawings, sophisticated

working prototypes, testing requirements, and

manufacturing methodologies to generate the

best final product possibility.


Maximize Bright Power

The optimize performance of our product is a

balance of a light's functions, durability, run-time

and output efficiency…providing the most useable

light possibility. NORYER meticulously select the

optical, electric and mechanical components so

they fit perfectly, allowing you to enjoy an incredible

light at the touch of a button.


Quality Guaranteed

While innovative new product is exciting, product

efficiency is the sustainer of our business.

Each component is modularized to facilitate the

manufacturing process and ensuring consistent,

reliable lighting for our user. NORYER fully embraces

ISO9001 business practices to ensure process control

and continual improvement during our development

and production operation.


We already got the quality certificate of

ISO9001:2000, all items are made in according

with CE and RoHs standard.


NORYER is inspired to be the best, we understand

it is only the way to win the market for developing

the new and innovative items.


We believe anything is not impossible.


You are warmly welcome.


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